10th Science Model Paper-2023-Matric Science sample paper

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10th Science Model Paper-2023

10th Science Model Paper-2023  Free Download, Here you can find 10th Model Paper of Science For all Students, Teachers and Parents

Instructions for the candidates :

Time : 2 Hrs. 45 Minutes Full Marks : 80

  • Candidate must enter his/her Question Booklet Serial No. (10 digits) in the OMR Answer Sheet.
  • Candidates are required to give answers in their own words as far as practicable.
  • Figures in the right hand margin indicate full marks.
  • 15 minutes of extra time has been allotted for the candidates to read the questions carefully

This question booklet is divided into two sections – Section-A and Section-B.

In Section-A, there are 80 objective type questions, out of which any 40 questions are to be answered. Each question carries 1 mark. If a candidate answers more than 40 questions, then answers of first 40 questions will be evaluated only. For answering these, darken the circle with blue/black ball pen against the correct option on OMR Answer Sheet provided to you. Do not use Whitener/liquid/blade/nail etc. on OMR Answer Sheet, otherwise
the result will be treated invalid.

In Section-B, there are 24 short answer type questions. Out of these, eight questions are from Physics, eight questions are from Chemistry and eight are from Biology. Four questions are to be answered from each subject (Physics, Chemistry and Biology). Each question carries 2 marks. Apart from these, there are 6 Long
Answer type questions, two questions each from Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Long Answer Type questions from Physics carries 6 marks each, and from Chemistry and Biology carries 5 marks each. Answer of one question each from Physics, Chemistry and Biology is compulsory.

NOTE – Use of any electronic appliances is strictly prohibited.

BIHAR BOARD 10th Science Model Paper
Science 10th Math's Model Pape [su_button url=”http://examparinam.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/10th-science-Model-Paper-2.pdf”]DOWNLOAD[/su_button]

10th Science Model Paper -Examination

MATRIC SAMPLE PAPER OF SCIENCE 2023 -10th Science  Model Paper This Model Paper is for the candidates who want to prepare for the upcoming examination. This is the sample paper of Science subject of the matric class. We can say that this is the model paper of Science class of the 10th class. This paper is provided by the uchilla.net. The link of this paper is given below.

Conclusion: The key to solving the sample paper is to be very clearheaded, patient and above all, systematic.

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